Hotel check-in/out and self-service kiosk

Face-ID Verification

ID Document Reading

Card Dispenser

Check-in Management System

Facial recognition camera

The 3D structured light-enabled HD camera is designed for protection against mask images and video fraud, among other types of misrepresentation and fraudulent activities.

An all-in-one kiosk with a large touch screen

H1 is a 21.5” all-in-one device equipped with a touch-enabled large liquid screen with 1920×1080 resolution. In addition to a 178° field of view, the G+G capacitive screen powered by a ten-point multi-touch technology offers greater flexibility.

An ID reader reads and analyzes information quickly and accurately

The ID reader collects and matches up the ID document information within one second oncethe target document is placed within 3cm of thepanel. The indicator light of the reader guidesthe guests in positioning their passport, ID card, driver’s license or other identity document.

Flexible room card capacity options and alert

The card dispenser installed in H1 allows for an inventory of 50-200 room access cards. When the number of cards in inventory falls below a preset level, the device sends an alert. Cards are added through an independent magnetic door, facilitating their daily management.

Improve user experience with an ergonomic 107° angled screen

H1’s 107° ergonomically-designed touch screen provides guests with enhanced ease-of-use when using the device to access information and have their documents read.

The future of Hotel

The hotel self-service terminal will enable a practically humanless reception. It will provides guests with a better experience by allowing them to complete the entire check-in process seamlessly, including face-ID verification, payment of the room charge and provision of the room cards.

H1 Technical Specifications


Quad-core, 1.8GHz

Operating system

Android 7.1

Door lock system


Integrated touch screen and display

21.5″ 1920×1080 178°(TYP.)
multi-touch capacitive screen


IEEE 802.11bgn

Card dispenser and reader

100 cards
cyclic dispensing

ID document reading

Supports the reading of information from second- and third-generation ID cards

Power supply output






Operating Environment

Operating temperature: 0~40℃
Storage temperature: -20~55℃
Operating humidity: 25%~90%
Storage humidity: ≤93%(40℃ non-condensed state)


3D structured light-enabled HD camera
0~20° for multi-angle adjustment


Vertical structure for lobby environment

Form factor

Width: 40cm, height: 167.5cm, depth: 28cm (excluding the 60×60cm base)

Expansion interface