The appearance of brush face payment not only provides consumers with a more convenient payment method, but also provides a new choice for merchants to reduce costs and improve efficiency. On April 17th, at the IoT special session of Alipay Open Day, Shangmi launched a lightweight brush face payment device, SUNMI蜻蜓.

The reporter observed from the scene that the SUNMI 蜻蜓 is simple and light in appearance, equipped with a 3D structured light camera, which can accurately recognize the face and help the existing cash register equipment to quickly realize the face payment, truly paying no sense, and can bring consumers You can complete the new consumer experience of paying by simply brushing your face.

At the same time, it uses intelligent AI technology, the face of shop frequent customers can be automatically recognized, you can pay for the face without having to verify the phone again.

In addition, SUNMI蜻蜓 is equipped with a cash register keypad for independent cash register. More importantly, this face-lifting device is plug-and-play, without changing the existing transaction process, effectively meeting the basic needs of merchants for face-lifting payment devices.

It is understood that Shangmi not only has a full range of industry-leading brush face payment hardware products, including desktop and self-service products, which satisfy the payment experience and marketing needs of small shops, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, parking, government and other commercial scenarios. At the same time, it also has the world’s largest commercial application market, including more than 30 software for face-to-face payment, more than 300 software in docking status, widely used in business scenarios such as catering, retail, entertainment, and life services.